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McKenna Hampton

I'm a full-stack developer with a lovely wife and two cool kids.



Born in 1995, I'm a full-stack developer who loves all things computers & software.

My current preferred stack is:


While I've worked with other backend languages such as C# & C++ (which were the focus of my studies), I have the most experience with PHP and I've grown to prefer the Laravel ecosystem. It helps that I'm a proponent of open source software - without it, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Free & open source software dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for a field like this. There are very few other fields (if any) that you can gain experience and become skilled at with almost no upfront investment besides open source software development. If you have a computer, an internet connection, and the will + ability to put in the time, you can become an effective and valuable software engineer, for next to no cost.

A brief history

I had a bit of an unconventional upbringing. In 1970, my family started a catfish bait manufacturing company, and by the time I was born it had already been well established with national distribution to major retail chains - something that felt larger than life as a child.

There's nothing like waking up early to start your day at the bait factory at 6AM, with aroma's that could induce nausea to those unaccustomed to such things. For me, it was just part of summer - I'd spent them working there since I was very young, and by the time I was 18, I'd already had a good work history under my belt.

Since I was the computer guy of the family, I'd played around with setting up a new E-commerce store for the family company. It sparked a passion for me, and I've been involved in development to at least some degree ever since.

Like many in the industry, I had roughly eight years of self-taught experience before I got a formal education in software. In 2020, I began the process of getting my B.S. in Computer Science studying Software Development, and by the end of 2022 I finished the four year program - advancing early with a lot of late nights and weekends.

Now as I'm approaching 30 (as of 2024), I have a beautiful wife, a two year old son and a newborn daughter. We live on an acreage out in the country, and I get to work from home and see them every day.