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I work with the Adobe Creative Cloud, first making mockups of the UI in XD. I then work on the graphics and logos in Illustrator & Photoshop (I'm not expert-level in graphic design, but I know my way around). I've also worked with Premiere for years for personal projects.

It's important to not just write clean code. Modern websites are essentially public, cloud-based software, and it should behave as such. Whether it's a one-page landing site, or an enterprise-level e-commerce site, the UI needs to be as polished and easy to use as possible. That's why I use Bootstrap for the layout, and I use SASS to speed styling up (it also really helps to keep your styles organized).

In addition, the backend is the core of any software, and it's critial to have a sustainable, scalable, consistent scructure. This is where frameworks are extrememly useful. For open-source projects, I use WordPress. I start with a clean install of a basic theme skeleton, and I use the WP-MVC plugin. I'm usually against plugins, as they're almost always messy, and rarely are they kept up to date. However, WP-MVC simply overlays an MVC-OOP framework on top of WordPress, making rapid development possible and easy to keep clean.

I work with the following technologies:

LAMP - PHP7 - MySQL - Javascript/Jquery/AJAX/JSON/API's

CSS3/SASS - HTML5 - Bootstrap - Wordpress - Git - cURL - e-commerce

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